Saturday, July 5, 2008

3 Amazing years!

So on June 28th it was out 3 year anniversary. We decided to go camping. That's a big jump from last year when we took a limo up to the Silver King Lodge in park city and Sterling gave me a diamond necklace and then we went horseback riding.
There was a little rodent of some sort that came into our camp while we were there. We didn't end up staying up in the mountain for our anniversary because lots of stuff kept going wrong but we had a really great time. We've got two video clips at the bottom. They are kinda fun. Just take a look.

P.S. By the way, for those of you who don't know, we're adopting. We've been trying for over 2 and a half years without success so we've applied for adoption through LDS Family Services. If you know of anyone who is thinking about putting their baby up for adoption please give them our contact information. We know we can love any spirit that our Heavenly Father send to us. Please kept us in mind.

I thought this was a beautiful view. You can see the horses feeding on the grass. It was so much prettier in person but I wanted to remember it.

Somehow on the way up Pedro got his little bandana over his little legs and around his belly. We stopped to get ice right before we went up the canyon and noticed at the gas station.

Pedro liked camping too but it got a little cold at night for him

I think Sterling was a little too excited about using that shovel to put out the fire.

Sterling made some pretty amazing coals for our tin foil dinners. It made really yummy food.

my dad let us borrow his canopy. The problem is that we couldn't set it up where we wanted it the correct way. SO....we jimmy rigged it! I think my dad would be proud.

Sterling couldn't remember any of his boyscout knots so I had a go at it. I think my dad would be proud of this too.