Saturday, July 30, 2011

Splash from my past

We took the twins to a local pool a while ago and it was a DISASTER! They hated it. Cried the whole time! 45 min straight crying. We finally threw in the towel and went home. I was baffled. They love baths but hated swimming so I decided to try swimming on a smaller scale. They did better. 
 My parents have this little gray tub that I believe they bought back when dinosaurs were still roaming the earth. We used it for everything. It was a dog bath. It was a little kid swimming pool for me when I was younger. It was my hedge hog, Bufford's, home for quite a while too. So, I dug it out, sprayed off the cob webs, filled it with water and threw M&M in there. They were apprehensive at first but then started to splash around and have some fun. 

Testing the waters!

 Alright! NOW we're talking!

They were having such a good time that my mom hollered at my dad to come and see how cute they were. That's him hobbling over in the background. 
All in all it was a success. We've done it a few times since as well.