Sunday, July 25, 2010

Yay for Pioneers!

Sterling's Mother loves parades. For years they have gone and camped downtown to save a spot for the Pioneer Day Parade. This year we didn't go camp with them. But, we did go down in the morning and the babies got to see the parade. It was a lot of fun.

We got them dressed in their red, white and blue. If they look a little slimy it's because we had just slathered them with sun block.

Dooder in his cute baseball hat!

Squirty in her "Mommy's little firecracker" shirt. Very fitting for her temperment.

Sitting with Gma Cluff right before the parade.

President Uchtdorf (sp?) heard the twins were gonna be there so he made an appearance.

This is a float that my dad's stake did. The Pharaoh was built in his garage. We were very excited to see the float all put together. My dad said it almost didn't make it because it wouldn't start that morning.

Mattea took a snoozer on Daddy

Micah made friends with SLCC's bruin bear. Their Aunt Lindsay is a cheerleader for SLCC. I'm not sure if the bear knew that but he came over and reached his arms out for Micah so I handed him over. (Am I a bad mom for handing my baby to a stranger? )

Anywho, we had loads of fun and can't wait for next year when the babies are MOBILE! OH NO!!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Picture overload!

Our babies are 7 months old. It's so much fun and we're so happy to have them home and healthy.
The first two pictures are of our babies when they were tiny so we can be reminded how blessed we are. It's interesting to see where they have been and the progess they are making!

Our Micah Man a week or two old.

Squirty Girl. My wedding ring is leaning against her stretched out arm so you can see how tiny she is.

Micah Man now.

Squirty after she was throwing a fit in the tub because apparently she was starving to death.

Our one-eyed Pedro taking over Mattea's bouncer in the garage.

Micah like to stay very rigid so he's very good at the superman pose

This dress was my mother's when she was a baby. Her mother and grandmother did the embroidery and crocheting on it. It was so neat to see Mattea in it.

Fourth of July!!!

Sterling and I on the Ferris wheel at the west jordan carnival

Micah at his first parade.

Someone in the parade was giving away these flags and it immediately went into her mouth just like everything else she can get her hands on.

Micah and his Daddy (1st parade)

Mattea and her Mommy (1st parade)

6 months old

This is outfit was his daddy's when he was a baby.

A very happy un-birthday to Micah and Mattea. The day they turned 6 months old. It was an emotional day for me. I didn't know if I would have my babies see 6 months.

I did a photo shoot at home.

Photo shoot at home
Photo shoot at home

Matching jammies! They each have their own bed now.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Goings on....

A lot has happened and we are a very busy family now. Thus the reason there hasn't been a post in a few months. I don't have pictures today but I will put some up asap.
Sterling and I celebrated our 5 year anniversary on June 29th. It was neat because last year on our anniversary it was confirmed that we were having a baby. One year later we have twins who are healthy and happy even after all that they went through. We went to the Homestead that is up in Midway while Sterling's parents babysat the twins over night. It was SO beautiful. You would have thought that we would have gotten a good nights sleep for the first time in a while but I kept waking up thinking I needed to feed a crying baby. Grrr. We found out Micah had a fever and went to pick up the babies after seeing Eclipse. We ended up taking Micah to UrgentCare where they told us he had pneumonia (sp?), When we got home from UrgentCare he had a fever of 103.3, Took him to our family Dr the next day because we couldn't get rid of the fever and he gave us the go ahead to give Motrin. Again, fever got up to 103.5 and the Dr told us to go to Primary Children because there wasn't anything in Micah's chest x-rays that would cause such a high fever. Two tired babies, two frazzled parents, a CT, catheter, IV, and x-ray, and 5 hours later we were back at home with a Viral diagnosis. It has to work it's way out. BUT, we knew that there wasn't anything wrong with his shunt. On a happier note, a few days before we left for our anniversary Mattea had been working on rolling over. Well, she finally rolled all the over for her Aunt Lindsay while we were gone!!! Arggh. We didn't know she had done it until we told them that she rolled over for the first time only to find out that it wasn't her first time. It's still fun to see though. Micah doesn't seems to have much interest in rolling over but he is much more observant then Mattea. It's amazing how different they are!

On a VERY happy note, Sterling is being transitioned to a permanent employee for Goldman Sach's. Yay! We get insurance! Not a moment too soon either. I'm in constant pain because we can't afford my meds for my fibro and Sterling is an inch from losing his life the majority of the time because we can't afford the meds for his ADHD and I'm about to strangle him.

We're a very happy and a very blessed family and our testimonies are strengthened daily with all our trials and blessings. I'm amazed at what a person/family is capable of with the Lord as our guide. I'm grateful to my Heavenly Father and for his plan of salvation that granted me my Savior to shoulder everything that comes across my plate. I truly feel that we lived in a blessed dispensation to have all the truths of this wonderful gospel. To mention a few I know to be true, Priesthood, Temple ordinances, Covenants, Baptism, Prophets, Scriptures, Prayer, Faith, Repentance, Atonement, Word of Wisdom, and Revelation.