Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Ode to Mattea

Our little Mattea is one year old now. Well, she's actually 14 months now but I've been a bit busy. Let me tell you more about her. Her first names means "God's gift". Her middle name is Hope after her Grandma Beam. She's still pretty small for her age which is to be expected since she was born 3 months early. She weighs about 17 lbs. She is apprx 27 inches tall. She has her 2 bottom teeth and her two top "fangs." She loves to walk and talk. She has a lot of nick names: Squirty Girl, Lady Bug, Mattitude, Baby Girl.

She love, Love, LOVES her daddy.

Some of her favorite things to do with daddy is play video games.

Running around playing.
And singing, and playing peek-a-boo.

She enjoys bath time.

We have come to understand that Squirty Girl would make a very cute Cindy-loo-who. And she LOVES her time with Grandpa Beam.

Mattitude is kind of a stinker sometimes too. She likes to steal toys from other people. (we're working on it)

She has lots of fun talking and observing from her new forward facing car seat.

She is almost always grinning to show off her brand new chompers.

She tolerates her mommy dressing her up super cute.

This little girl loves dogs. We just got a new puppy and we constantly have to remind her to be soft.

We waited, prayed and hoped for Mattea for what seemed like a very long time. Having her here with us now makes the wait seems so worth it. We love this little girl and are amazed at how fast she is growing. We're thankful the Lord allowed us to become her parents. She has such a sweet spirit and keeps us on our toes. We love you Squirty Girl!