Monday, November 24, 2008

First Snow of the Year!

A couple weeks ago we had the first snow of them year. This is what we woke up to. Normally you can see clear the the mountains on the east side of the valley from the front door of the house. It was snowing like mad. It all melted pretty fast but the day was really pretty. Sterling and I went out to see a movie. I really wanted to build a snowman but Sterling was a kill joy.

view from the front door.

We have to force Pedro out of bed every morning to get up and go outside to go potty. I put a sweater and a rain slicker on him this day because it was snowing and so cold. (Iknow, I know. Yes I am one of those people that kind of treats their dog like a baby but we don't have any kids!!!)

Pedro outside in his "winter clothes". Scotty, my mother-in-laws dog, always has to supervise Pedro's potty trips.

We look like we're in pain but we're really not. Sterling looks like this in almost every picture we take of him so I guess it rubbed off on me. We were at Jordan Landing to go see "Eagle Eye". Good movie by they way!!

My little handy man!

Sterling is not handy with cars at all. His family is the "take the car to the shop to get it fixed" type of family. I know how to fix cars more than he does. We're rying to cut cost everywhere we can so when the window in the Saturn stopped working we took the car over to my dads to have him help Sterling put in the new part. A couple weeks later I noticed the "change oil" sticker in his car said that he was supposed to change his oil about 5000 miles ago. So, we went and bought the stuff to change the oil ourselves. We probably didn't really save that much on changing the oil ourselves but we felt good about it.

Working on the window in his VERY worn out BYU jersey.

Changing the oil in the car. Sterling got out the handy-dandy owners manual that was actually pretty helpful.

Sterling and my dad trying to figure something out. I forget what they were looking for.

Pedro really wanted to be outside with the boys working on the car. He hopped in the car while the door was open and wouldn't get out to go back inside with me. They had the BYU game on in the car so they could listen to what was going on. (not the BYU vs UTAH. this was a couple weeks ago)

Monday, November 17, 2008

Late Halloween

So, I have been trying to get Halloween picture up for a very long time. I finally got it done.
We went to Trunk or Treat at our ward but it was very lame. So, we drove over to our old ward that we were in when we lived in the condo's trunk or treat. It was awesome. They had dinner, music, and tons of fun. The two bigger girls were in my primary Class. Amber is the one standing right next to me. When I first started teaching their class she was in a wheel chair, had tubes coming out of her and no hair. She was just finishing up with chemo. She's in remission now. It was so great to see her so healthy. I almost wanted to cry. Sara is the girl next to her and she had grown a lot since we moved out. The little girl is my old visiting teacher's daughter. Her name is Kassidy and she is a doll.

This is a picture of a bunch of our friends from our old ward. They are so great. We miss them A LOT.
Our good friends that lived across the hall from us are 'D' and Kasey. Right before we moved out they had little baby Pierson. He was born the week of General Conference and they got his name from one of the General Authorities that spoke. He's half black and is soo stinkin cute. His costume was a horse and Pedro was a horse so we had to take a picture of them together. (This was the back of my car)
I was a pink lady and Sterling was a T bird. Well, we dressed him up like the picture before and then he found one of his mom's leather jackets to wear so he could be a T bird.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Let's Honor Them

It's Veterans Day!

Today is Veterans Day. It's a day to remember and honor those who have and are serving for us. These brave young and women know more than most that FREEDOM ISN'T FREE.
I have a a picture of my cousins wearing my grandfathers military hat that we found after both of my grandparents had passed away. When we were taking those photos I don't think we realized exactly how much that hat really meant. We didn't realize what pride should be present while wearing that hat. We didn't realize that my grandfather had fought for loved ones and strangers.

Both my grandfathers and Sterling's grandfathers served in the military. Today is a very special day for both of us. The images and thoughts that they did and are living with are more than any of us can imagine. The sacrifices that were made on our behalf are amazing. We love them and appreciate them for what they have done. We love the current men and women who are fighting for freedom for everyone else that deserves it. We pray that the Lord will be with these awesome individuals who love with all of their heart.
God bless America and her service men and women, past, present, and future.