Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Dare Devil Babies

Sterling's parents ward doesn't a neighborhood bar-b-que every summer and this year they had blow up toys. Sterling took both M&M down the giant slide and they had a BLAST! Sterling even sent each of them down  by themselves much to my surprise. They loved that too.

Sterling's little sister took her son down the slide and it freaked her out so she screamed... which also meant that Jesse screamed too. Well, we thought maybe if he went down with someone who wasn't afraid he might have fun. No such luck. He's the water baby, where M&M HATE the water and my kids are the dare devils, where Jesse is a little wimpy. That's ok though!

Summer and Cousins

Our swimming trips haven't gone too well this summer. M&M love to take bath's but swimming pools are another subject entirely. So, we head over to Grandma and Grandpa Cluff's house to play in a little wading pool with cousin Jesse.  At first they were still a little leary of it but they've started to enjoy it more and more. 

Swinging is the best things since sliced bread in M&M's mind. They could swing for hours and still cry because they want to swing more. Too bad we don't have a swing set. 

What's a childhood without having the naked cousins picture?!?!

Just some cute ones

There's isn't a specific  reason for posting the following pictures. I just think their cute. Mattea loves to talk on the phone. Every time she picks up the phone or I'm on the phone she yells "DA!". When she actually gets the chance to talk to her dad on the phone she closes up and won't talk. Silly girl. 

Micah is such a funny little boy. One of his favorite things to do is to shove as much food in his mouth and smile at you like he is the smartest/cutest little boy ever.