Sunday, April 19, 2009

Belated Easter

We had a wonderful Easter. I woke up and made a nice Easter breakfast for everyone in the house. We had hashbrowns, eggs, bacon, and french toast. We had a nice family breakfast with each other, Sterling's parents, and his two little sisters. We got ready for church and taught our primary class. It was great. We had a couple of beautiful musical numbers in sacrament meeting. Typically I get an Easter dress but we're saving for children (either adoption, or fertility treatments), and a down pmnt on a home. I looked for an easter dress for like 3 hours one day but I had decided I didn't want to spend more than $30. I didn't find anything I liked so I settled for a nice shirt I found on clearance. I went to put the shirt on to get ready for church and had found that it was WAY too big. I ran the shirt upstairs and my mother-in-law and sister-in-law pinned it for me and then Chelsea (my sister-in-law) took it in. It was a good 3 inches too big. It turned out great. I was just as happy with my Easter shirt as I would have been with an $80 Easter dress.
When we got home from church we went out in the front of the house and took a family Easter picture with the daffodils. I LOVE daffodils. Obviously we had Pedro in our family picture because he is our "kid".
Grandma and Grandpa Cluff came for Easter Dinner. We had yummy ham. Mom and Dad had a Family Home Evening planned. A special video about Jesus Christ with a talk from President Hinckley. We had a great family discussion afterwards and then bid Grandma and Grandpa farewell. We took a family picture after the movie to document our lovely Easter.
Bottom Left to Right: Dad Cluff, Brittney, Lindsay, Chelsea
Top Left toRight: Jeff, Mom Cluff, Sterling, Konni, (Pedro), Grandma Cluff, and Grandpa Cluff.
It was really great to see Grandma and Grandpa. They always give big hugs when they get there and when they leave. Grandpa is so cute. He's this really tall 6'4' man that gives the best hugs to everyone and everyone loves to get his hugs. They shared some really great stories from their missions.

So many children left in our care

We have so many people that care about us and want us to have our own children. They tell us that they recognize what good parents we will be. Maybe that's why so many people tell us if something should happen to them they want us to take care of their kids. When Sterling's little sister was pregnant they told us they were going to put us down as legal gaurdian to their children in their will.
We have some friends...Bob and Cher, who are the parents of little David, pictured below, they have left David in our care if something should happen to them. They asked if we would be his "God Parents". We get to watch him pretty often and love this little guy. He's so cute. We had him Friday and Saturday this week and gave him a hair cut. He's getting so big. So, basically, all we need is for some people to die for us to get a kid. j/k. totally j/k
Baby David. He's a tank. before he was crawling it took a lot out of me to haul him around. Cute picture of him... not so flattering of me.
Sterling is so good with David. David always has a big smile for him. Sometimes when he's playing his computer game he even lets David sit on his lap and play with him. He's gonna be a great dad....someday.

David is just a movin'. This little man decided he wanted to get around on his own and started crawling. It wasn't a gradual learn how to crawl either. Sometimes when he gets away from me I've got to jog to catch up to him.

We bought him this little einsteins tunnel to play in when he comes to our house. He LOVES it.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Conference and Sterling's B-day


Yes, that's right folks that time of the year has come and gone. Conference is one of my favorite time of the year. My dad takes us all out to eat at a nice restaurant on Saturday after the priesthood session. This time we went to Red Lobster. Yummy! Then on Sunday morning we have the most delicious breakfast. Hashbrowns, eggs, toast, bacon, sausage(usually like 2-3 kinds), cinnamon rolls, and fruit. My dad is THE BEST breakfast maker in the world. Then, we sit down together and watch/listen to conference. Kirk (my brother) and Marnie came down from Logan with all of their kids except Trulan. He had to work. I love when they come down. While we had most everyone there I asked my family to take a big family photo that I could post on our blog so Kim (my brother) and Leslie could see and know that we were thinking about them since they live in Texas. It wasn't until we were all done taking the photo that I realized that most of the woman hadn't done their make up. Including me. Oh well. (Kim, if you will look closely at Kris on the top right you will see that in both of the pics like this he is giving you the "sexy" look. Goof ball)
Bottom Left-Right: Cabren holding Pedro, Bryson, Kiana, Kirk, Marnie holding Kambrie
Top: Konni, Holden, Sterling, Keri, Mom, Dad, Kris, Rosa.
We retook the picture because Kiki just had to touch Peddie and Kambrie was covering half her face.
Kirk, Marnie, Kambrie, and Cabren listening and coloring during conference.

I went up to take a picture of my dad "listening" to conference up in his room but he had just woken up. If the man would let us help with breakfast he wouldn't have to wake up at 5 am to start breakfast.
Poor Kiki was sick when they got to the house. She started throwing up right after breakfast. This was after she threw up and was feeling better so she decided to color with me, Bryson, Holden, and Kambrie. Kambrie and I colored her a "get well soon" picture. It was really cute. It was a precious moments picture of a little girl dressed up like a nurse feeding a spoonful of medicine to a sick little puppy.

This, ladies in my nephew Cabren. I would say that he's a hottie but that's a little wierd coming from his aunt. So, I will just say that he is growning up to be very handsome. Trulan is very handsome as well but he wasn't there for me to take a pic of him. Anywho, keep your hands off. He's only 15. Pedro was so cute. He jumped up on Cabe'slap and just sat there with him for a while.

Bryson, my cute little nephew. He's getting so big. He's turning into a little man. He came and sat on the floor with us and colored as well.

Kirk nick names all of his kids. Hold is Moochie because when he was little he would walk around the room and kind of Mooch off of people for treats and stuff. I remember going to the hospital when he was born. This time was the first time he was able to go to the priesthood session and then out to dinner with us because he turned 12 in February. He's a very impressive young man. He ordered some fish that he had never tried before when we went to dinner. I would have never done anything like that when I was his age.

I was taking a picture of Sterling "listening" to conference the same way my dad "listens" to conference up in his room. The spirit must have whispered to him that I was taking a picture because he opened his eyes right as I was taking the picture.

Kiana started feeling better at the end of the morning session and got up to cuddle with Pedro. She's so cute with him. If he is within touching distance she has to be touching, or petting him.
Sterling's B-day!
On conference Sunday Sterling turned 26. Well, he likes to call it the 1st anniversary of his 25th b-day. Nerd, I know. Ever since he decided he's balding he doesnt' want to get older. It's a good thing something started to age him because I don't think he could hold it together again if the gas man came to the door and asked if his mom or dad were there when he's 30.
I gave him this shirt for his b-day. It's a really pretty dark purple. He looks nice in it. I got a small for him so he didn't look like he was wearing a tent. It fits his body much better but the sleeves are a little short and the neck is a little tight when he buttons it all the way up.

It's a good thing there were only like 12 candles because he wouldn't have been able to blow all of them out. He couldn't even get all 12 of the ones on there.