Friday, April 9, 2010

4 months!!!

The twins turned 4 months old yesterday. Size and developmentally they are only 1 month because they were born 3 months early. It so cute to see them get bigger and grow and do new things. They both have started to track things with their eyes. They recognize when someone is talking to them and watch you. It's so neat to know that my babies can see me and are understanding who I am. They are working on holding up their heads on their own. And they started smiling. This post is mainly for Sterling to see at work because he hasn't seen Micah smile yet and I got a picture of it. Love you Bubba-roo!

The twins finally fit in their coats that we bought for them when they left the hospital. It's so cute. Their my lil teddy bears!

I don't really have a picture of Squirty smiling that well but this is a cute picture of her taken on Daddy's birthday.

Here is Micah Man in all his happy smiley glory. You can't help but giggle a little when you see this. The other day my mom was "chewing his chops" and he was almost laughing. It was so cute. He loves his Grumma.

Here is Squish working up to the big grin. I'm so happy to be their mommy.

For those of you who don't know Pedro got cataracts in his right eye really bad. It looked pretty gross and it was causing him a lot of pain so we had his eye removed. Poor guy has to wear the cone of shame for 2 weeks.