Friday, December 26, 2008


We had an interesting Christmas this year. The power went out right after we finished opening presents because we had a BLIZZARD on Christmas morning.
We did have a good Christmas regardless. We enjoyed out time together.

This is a picture of us later on in the day. We were at my parents and Sterling was really tired.

We have never had a Christmas of our own. Ever since we have been married we have slept over at Sterling's parents house on Christmas Eve. It seems strange that the year we don't have out own house is the year that I really wanted us to have our own Christmas morning. So, we did out stockings in our room before we went out to open presents with everyone else. We have a really fun Christmas tradition every year that we both go christmas stocking shopping at the same time in the same store for the other. It's really fun because we have to try and avoid each other in the store so the other can't see what we have in the cart for each other.

Pedro got a stocking too! I made him this little BYU stocking. It was actually supposed to be Sterling's but I made it too small so I used it for Pedro. I will make Sterling a larger BYU stocking for next year.

Sterling on Christmas morning. One of his little sisters gave him a game that he has been wanting for a while. He was really happy to get it.

When we woke up we noticed it was a huge storm. It took our power out and make it difficult to get across the valley to my parents house. Little did we know when we left that on my parents side of the valley they hadn't even gotten any snow. This is Sterling headed to the car to go to my parents.

Kris, Kiana, Bryson, and Pedro. All Kiana wanted was to sit with her dad and Pedro. she loves that little guy. She just follows him around the house.

Bryson got a Nintendo DS for Christmas. He kept asking how to play the games he had gotten. Kris would tell him to come over and he would show him but for some reason he went to my mom (who, by the way, calls them "finger"drives instead of thumb drives) to help him. She tried her hardest to help him. Bless her heart.

Bryson and Kiana LOVE to wrestle with Grandpa. Whenever they punch him in the stomache he says "Don't mess with steel" Right before we left Kiana had started to pick a fight with Grandpa. It's really cute.

We hope that everyone had a really great Christmas filled with a lot of love. We excited for what this next year brings for us and all those around us.