Sunday, November 22, 2009

Hello from a hospital bed

Yes, I am stuck in the hospital until I deliver Thing One and Thing Two. I'm not hurting, the babies are safe, but as a precaution because I wasn't even aware I was having contractions or dilating I have to stay. I'll be here for Thanksgiving and that kind of stinks but I can't complain too much. My brother and his family (in Texas) are stuck in a hospital for the 2nd Thanksgiving in a row. I do get sad but I have some really great family and friends that visit me.

My mom knits cute little beanies but they are pretty big. I told her she should figure out how to make teeny tiny beanies. Well, she came in and presented me with the cutest little preemie beanie you've ever seen. She's only done one so far but she's gonna make another one.
Sterling "wearing" the beanie my mom made for our babies.

Konni at 25 weeks (in the hospital, obviously.)

The beanie in proportion to a coke can. Cute huh?

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Bed rest and surgery...

Well, on Thursday after work I went into my Dr because I had the tiniest bit of bleeding. Well, he checked me and said my cervix was "softening" and he thought I was dilated to a one. He sent me over to get a vaginal ultrasound to see what was going on. When I got in and they had the probe in for like 15 seconds the cute little tech printed and two pictures and said...."I'll be right back. I need to go talk to my Dr." Oh crap! What's going on?, I though to myself. Well, the Dr comes in and says, your dilated to a 3 and your cervix is paper thin. Oh and by the way, we think you have an infection and it might be in with the babies so we're going to shove a huge needle into your sons placenta guided by ultrasound to pull out some amniotic fluid. If there is an infection in with the babies we have to deliver now and if there isn't we are going to stitch your cervix closed. Then he tells me.... "Your not going home!" WHAT? I'm 24 weeks pregnant I'm thinking to myself. my babies weigh like a pound and a half. They won't live if we deliver them now. So, I text Sterling and tell him he better come.
Long story short, apparently I had been having contractions and wasn't aware. There was no infection so I went in the next morning for surgery to sew my cervix closed. The Dr came in after and said the membranes were poking through and he could see one of my sons feet. So, he had to blow up a little balloon to push that all back in and then stitch my cervix together. He said it was very successful especially considering he could see my sons foot.
They have put me on medicine to stop the contractions, given me steroids shots to help the babies lungs mature and I'm on bed rest in the hospital. My Dr said, "we're gonna take it a week at a time." when I asked how long I'm gonnna be in here. Home sweet Hospital.

By the way, we've decided to change Michael's name to Micah. I just didn't want to name him completely after Sterling's dad. I wanted to pick out a name that we both chose and Sterling finally conceded. Micah is Hebrew for Michael anyway so we really didn't stray too far.

Thanks for reading folks.... I hope your having more fun than us.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Let us compare!!

I'm very lucky to have some wonderful mother role models. First of all my mom is fabulous. Sterling's mom is great and I have three amazing sister-in-laws that are great example

Ok, So, this is my beautiful sister-in-law, Leslie, at 33 weeks pregnant. I am on the right at 21 weeks pregnant. Difference? Yes, I'd say so. I'm significantly larger but more then 10 weeks behind her. Granted, I am having two and she was thin when she got pregnant.s.

Home and Belly

21 weeks and counting!!! Yup... they have moved in and are making themselves known.
The first time my belly stuck our further than my chest.

I haven't posted any pictures of my new house because it has been a disaster. I really am happy about our new house and wanted to show everyone what it looks like. The inside is still a mess. we're getting there slowly but surely.

This is a picture of the front. Those little white things are little Halloween Ghosts that still in the lawn. They're super cute. Also, there is a stair well that leads to the basement apartment behind the little fence in the center. Sterling's little sister and her husband live down there. They just found out they're expecting now too. We're gonna have 3 crying little mouths in one house. Exciting huh?