Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Ripped from my ovaries!

So on Friday the 12th we went in and had the "Egg retrieval" done. We injected a large dose of HCG which releases the egg from the wall of the follicle. Then we went into the office and I was put under after they got me all set up in stirrups. (a position i've never fallen asleep in I must say) At that point they go in with a vaginal ultrasound to navigate and go in through my abdomin with a need to suck out the eggs from the follicle. After the retrieval they let them rest for a bit and then do ICSI which is just injecting the sperm into the egg. I was told that it would feel like cramps. That was kind of an understatement. It felt like the worst bloated cramps I've ever had. I would dread going to the bathroom because it hurt. 3 days later I was feeling better. My sister-in-law even bought me flowers and gummy bears. It was really sweet.
The day after the retrieval we got a call from the Dr's office. We had retrieved 6 eggs and the nurse told us that 5 of them had fertilitized. Sterling was so excited. His words..."My boys are studs!" Lol. Sure baby! Whatever you say!
Today, Wednesday, I am scheduled to get pregnant. Yup! It is possible to pin point the day you get pregnant. It only takes about $15,000 and me turning into a human pin-cushion. I do have pictures of the day we did the retrieval but It's not really flattering. I was pretty pale after the procedure. My lips look blue.
Anywho, wish us Luck!!!!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Baby Ingredients!

There are a few people that know that Sterling and I are going through IVF (invitro fertilization). Sterling has been giving me a shot every evening before bed. The needle was just and insulin needle at first. It wasn't that bad. Sterling was out of town the first night I was supposed to start the shots so I did it myself. We have since moved up to a cocktail of medicine and uses a bigger needle. In about 10 days we will start progesterone shots, which from what I understand are pretty painful especially when you have to do them every day. I'm very much so feeling like a pin cushion. For the last week I have been going into the Dr. every other day to get a blood draw and and ultrasound. Luckily the ultrasounds are showing that I've got about 30 follicles (we call them baby ingredients) in each ovary and about 13 that are progressing the way the Dr's like. Next week (the 2nd week in June) is when we will be doing the egg retrieval. They will put me under and surgically remove the eggs that are mature enough and then they will do ICSI (insert Sterling's sperm into the egg (more baby ingredients)). We'll wait for about 3-5 days and then implant 2-3 of what they call blastocycsts. (we call these baby scraps) So, I've contemplated not telling anyone and decided to ask all of you for your prayers. We're ok with whatever the Lord has in mind for us and feel optimistic about this process. Thank you in advance for all of you thoughts and prayers and we'll let you know.