Friday, March 6, 2009

Happy Birthday Pedro!!

Well, it's been three years since we adopted Pedro from the humane society. He was 12 years old when we got him and since we adopted him in March I just say that Pedro's birthday is in March. So, Pedro is 15 years old now. We got Pedro after we had been trying to get pregnant for a while. I guess you could say I wanted a dog to replace the void that I felt from lack of children. We couldn't have found a dog that could fill that void any better. Sometimes when I am cuddling with Pedro I say, "Peddie, Heavenly Father sent you to me." Sterling thinks it's cute and I somewhat believe that Peddie was sent to us. We really do love this little guy. Even my mom says that she was a little worried when we got him but he has turned out to be a really great dog. I think she secretly wishes Pedro was hers.
People always put postings up about their kids and Pedro is the closest thing we have goes...
We always take him with us to family pictures. He's very photogenic.

He loves to be with his Mommy. He has this neurotic habit of licking his paws. He can do it for hours. It actually gets really irritating especially when he's always near you. The movement bugs, the sound is disgusting, and his breath REALLY stinks. Regardless he's still super cute.

He is always happy when he is with his Dad. Whenever Sterling is holding him you can see his little tail wagging back and forth. In the morning he usually sticks his head out of wherever he is on the bed to say goodbye to Sterling.
The most common spot that you can find Peddie is on my side of the bed on top of my pillow. We have so many pillows that one of them usually ends up on top of him as well. He doesn't mind. If he gets too hot he sticks his little head out like so. There have been multiple times that I have woke up with him op top of my head or with my head on top of him.

Pedro's favorite sport is sleeping. This little puppy honestly sleeps for about 18 hours a day.
Our little guys is counted as one of the grandkids on both sides of our family. His cousins LOVE him. Whenever we get together he is followed by at least Kiana if not everyone else too.

This picture is a bit creep-y looking. However, Pedro usually gets to participate in all of our hollidays. For Christmas he had his very own stocking full of lots of fun stuff. On Valentines Day I made "Love" pancakes,(Pink pancakes) and he had one of his own.

One of my favorite hollidays is Halloween. Thus, Peddie always gets a costume. Here he is at the trunk-or-treat with our former neighbors baby. They are both horses.