Friday, December 31, 2010


The silliness at our house doesn't end. Something as simple as M&M's first peanut butter sandwich can be so fun. (and messy)

Mattea isn'tas messy as brother.

Micah... well, he apparently need to wrestle his peanut butter sandwich into his mouth.

Micah has started waking up in the middles of the night since his surgery and this is the pose that Mattea had prepared for me to see at his 3 am feeding.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Family Pictures!

We had some family pictures done before Micah went in for surgery to reconstruct his skull and they turned out GREAT! Here is just one of them. I'll put up more when I have more time!

Friday, November 5, 2010


Halloween.! We had so much fun. I love LOVE LOVE Halloween! If you ever hear me talking about that wonderful holiday my face will often look similar to .....


This was the twins' first Halloween and we had their costumes before they were even released from the hospital. Sterling's mom and littlest sister went to Disney World and found "Thing 1" and "Thing 2" rompers. Immediately I knew that it was their Halloween costume. I would have never thought that my 2 lbs babies would EVER be big enough to fit in these cute outfits but lo and behold... they did.

We didn't do a whole lot. Sterling has two little sisters that work for 1800 contacts and they invited us to go with them to a big Halloween party that their work was throwing on Thursday night. We dressed up the babies and sprayed their hair blue. Sterling even dressed up as Cat in the Hat, (he HATES dressing up) while I made myself Mrs. Cat in the Hat. We had a family picture taken there and I'll post it as soon as we get a copy of it.
Sterling's work decorates the whole 4th floor of his office for kids to trick or treat around to all the desks. He was beyond excited for us to come up for that on Friday. He wanted to show the babies off. Everyone thought they were cute and loved their costumes. Sterling even wore the cat in the hat hat and asked a co worker to draw whiskers on his face for him. (The twins made this Halloween more fun for him I guess)
On Saturday our ward had a Halloween party. However, we didn't go because on Friday Sterling ended up working from apprx 7am on Friday morning to 4am Saturday morning so as soon as the babies woke up we went to my parents house to let him sleep. So, we didn't make it to the Halloween party. I was really bummed too. Oh well. We were going to go to trunk-or-treat but the babies came down with a slight fever right before and it was raining. So, we had to skip it.
I LOVE our new neighborhood. We get SOOOO many trick or treaters and I LOVE it. Those cute lil' kids all dressed up and looking up at me with big round eyes.... aww... I just adore it.

"Thing 1"... my first born! (ummm... yeah! that sprig of hair in the bottom right corner was Mattea attacking me)

"Thing 2" doing what she does best.... making a mess and getting into trouble!

I attempted to do a photo shoot at home. It didn't work out so well.

crib or jungle gym?

Mattea is VERY mobile. She is trying to learn how to walk and has learned when I use her first and middle name and stand up, that means she better crawl as fast as she can. That being said, she has learned all sorts of fun things to do in and with her crib since the first time she fell out. It's not very often that I go to get her up in the morning or after a nap that she is laying or sitting. She is all over the place and I love her dearly but my word... I paid good money for these kids, couldn't they be a little less difficult?

I walked in when she was supposed to be napping and saw the above picture....

...this is what I saw when she recognized me!

This is a typical sight when I open their bedroom door. She had to sleep in Micah's bed for a bit until we Mattea-proofed her bed.

Apparently she doesn't care who's crib it is.... she can still make it fun.

Oh Squirty you make me smile!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Grins and Giggles!!

Our dooder boy has the silliest laugh and when he gets really tired he laughs at the oddest things.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Creating Memories

So, it's a lot of work but we are working hard to create memories. Granted, the babies are too small to remember stuff now but it's family memories that Sterling and I will have. We have gone camping 2 weekends in a row. Last weekend was the Cluff family Stay-cation. We went up to Hyrum reservoir on Thursday, camped until Friday and then we were boating all day Friday with the boat my family had while I was growing up. (I made sure Sterling and the twins had sun screen on but completely forgot to put some on myself. Yup. yes guessed it. I was the proud owner of a very very bad sun burn) We went home Friday night, then Saturday morning we went to Seven Peaks water park. I didn't do anything at Seven peaks because of the above mentioned sun burn but Sterling had a lot of fun with everyone else. On Sunday we went to Sterling's parents ward as a family. We were exhausted to say the very least!

As if we hadn't done enough last weekend this weekend we decided to attend the ward camp out Friday night. It was a lot of fun. But again, exhausting. I remember camping being a lot more fun when my parents were the ones doing all the packing and planning. It's hard work being the one in charge.

My parents are the best. They bought a pop-up tent trailer a few weeks before we went camping and truth be told I think they bought it mostly for us. (well, the twins. Not so much Sterling and I) That made camping a lot easier.

Here are some pictures of our adventures in creating memories......

Like I mentioned. We were EXHAUSTED! This is Squirty girl after our ward camp out.

And this is the result of the pass out. I was so worried her little face was hurting from being smooshed against the tray.

Dooder with Daddy in the morning at the ward camp out.

Squirty girl has almost mastered crawling. She more scoots along like she is doing the breast stroke on land. But, she gets around. I mean ALL AROUND!! She LOVES dogs. Pedro isn't such a fan of hers. Especially when she approached him from his right side.

Fun at seven Peaks. I can't figure out what to do with her hair so she looks like a little orphan girl a lot of the time.

Dooder, he was so tired and blah at Seven Peaks.

Morning at Hyrum reservoir . Time for breakfast. It was pretty cold. They had to come to bed with us in the middle of the night so we could keep them warm.

Breakfast time at Hyrum. We were up at 6:00 am

Thursday night around the camp fire at Hyrum.

Very early Friday morning at Hyrum. This is Sterling's little sister Lindsay and her boyfriend (the birthday boy) Spencer. (The babies ADORE Spencer. Especially Mattea)

This was when we got to Hyrum. It was SO beautiful and the perfect temperature. The beach was really rocky but we still had a lot of fun.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Yay for Pioneers!

Sterling's Mother loves parades. For years they have gone and camped downtown to save a spot for the Pioneer Day Parade. This year we didn't go camp with them. But, we did go down in the morning and the babies got to see the parade. It was a lot of fun.

We got them dressed in their red, white and blue. If they look a little slimy it's because we had just slathered them with sun block.

Dooder in his cute baseball hat!

Squirty in her "Mommy's little firecracker" shirt. Very fitting for her temperment.

Sitting with Gma Cluff right before the parade.

President Uchtdorf (sp?) heard the twins were gonna be there so he made an appearance.

This is a float that my dad's stake did. The Pharaoh was built in his garage. We were very excited to see the float all put together. My dad said it almost didn't make it because it wouldn't start that morning.

Mattea took a snoozer on Daddy

Micah made friends with SLCC's bruin bear. Their Aunt Lindsay is a cheerleader for SLCC. I'm not sure if the bear knew that but he came over and reached his arms out for Micah so I handed him over. (Am I a bad mom for handing my baby to a stranger? )

Anywho, we had loads of fun and can't wait for next year when the babies are MOBILE! OH NO!!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Picture overload!

Our babies are 7 months old. It's so much fun and we're so happy to have them home and healthy.
The first two pictures are of our babies when they were tiny so we can be reminded how blessed we are. It's interesting to see where they have been and the progess they are making!

Our Micah Man a week or two old.

Squirty Girl. My wedding ring is leaning against her stretched out arm so you can see how tiny she is.

Micah Man now.

Squirty after she was throwing a fit in the tub because apparently she was starving to death.

Our one-eyed Pedro taking over Mattea's bouncer in the garage.

Micah like to stay very rigid so he's very good at the superman pose

This dress was my mother's when she was a baby. Her mother and grandmother did the embroidery and crocheting on it. It was so neat to see Mattea in it.

Fourth of July!!!

Sterling and I on the Ferris wheel at the west jordan carnival

Micah at his first parade.

Someone in the parade was giving away these flags and it immediately went into her mouth just like everything else she can get her hands on.

Micah and his Daddy (1st parade)

Mattea and her Mommy (1st parade)

6 months old

This is outfit was his daddy's when he was a baby.

A very happy un-birthday to Micah and Mattea. The day they turned 6 months old. It was an emotional day for me. I didn't know if I would have my babies see 6 months.

I did a photo shoot at home.

Photo shoot at home
Photo shoot at home

Matching jammies! They each have their own bed now.