Monday, January 23, 2012

Making it mine

When Sterling's little sister and brother-in-law moved out of our basement they left a couple things. This table is one of them. My sister currently lives in the basement and I asked her if we could trade her tables. It's bigger and we were wanting to move the kids out of high chairs and around the table with us so we needed a bigger table.  I believe that this was the table that Sterling's parents used when he was growing up. It was painted black and I really just thought it was really ugly. So, I decided to make it mine and change it. 

ugly black table before. beginning to strip the paint off.

applying the stain.

         I think I'm going to do another coat of stain then seal it. Although the black legs don't look bad I plan to paint it white because it will go better in my kitchen.
1st coat of stain done.