Sunday, August 22, 2010

Creating Memories

So, it's a lot of work but we are working hard to create memories. Granted, the babies are too small to remember stuff now but it's family memories that Sterling and I will have. We have gone camping 2 weekends in a row. Last weekend was the Cluff family Stay-cation. We went up to Hyrum reservoir on Thursday, camped until Friday and then we were boating all day Friday with the boat my family had while I was growing up. (I made sure Sterling and the twins had sun screen on but completely forgot to put some on myself. Yup. yes guessed it. I was the proud owner of a very very bad sun burn) We went home Friday night, then Saturday morning we went to Seven Peaks water park. I didn't do anything at Seven peaks because of the above mentioned sun burn but Sterling had a lot of fun with everyone else. On Sunday we went to Sterling's parents ward as a family. We were exhausted to say the very least!

As if we hadn't done enough last weekend this weekend we decided to attend the ward camp out Friday night. It was a lot of fun. But again, exhausting. I remember camping being a lot more fun when my parents were the ones doing all the packing and planning. It's hard work being the one in charge.

My parents are the best. They bought a pop-up tent trailer a few weeks before we went camping and truth be told I think they bought it mostly for us. (well, the twins. Not so much Sterling and I) That made camping a lot easier.

Here are some pictures of our adventures in creating memories......

Like I mentioned. We were EXHAUSTED! This is Squirty girl after our ward camp out.

And this is the result of the pass out. I was so worried her little face was hurting from being smooshed against the tray.

Dooder with Daddy in the morning at the ward camp out.

Squirty girl has almost mastered crawling. She more scoots along like she is doing the breast stroke on land. But, she gets around. I mean ALL AROUND!! She LOVES dogs. Pedro isn't such a fan of hers. Especially when she approached him from his right side.

Fun at seven Peaks. I can't figure out what to do with her hair so she looks like a little orphan girl a lot of the time.

Dooder, he was so tired and blah at Seven Peaks.

Morning at Hyrum reservoir . Time for breakfast. It was pretty cold. They had to come to bed with us in the middle of the night so we could keep them warm.

Breakfast time at Hyrum. We were up at 6:00 am

Thursday night around the camp fire at Hyrum.

Very early Friday morning at Hyrum. This is Sterling's little sister Lindsay and her boyfriend (the birthday boy) Spencer. (The babies ADORE Spencer. Especially Mattea)

This was when we got to Hyrum. It was SO beautiful and the perfect temperature. The beach was really rocky but we still had a lot of fun.