Tuesday, March 22, 2011


I am notoriously good at starting a project and NEVER finishing it. Our ward does a few different "groups" that I have decided to participate in. I've been having tons of fun! First is card club. It's so much fun to get together with those ladies. I'm learning new things and FINISHING something I started because I have to have it done for card club. Next is quilt club. We meet tonight for quilt club and I didn't do my quilt square right so I'll need to re-do it but it's still so much fun. My mom is planning to come to that group with me now so I am STOKED that I'll be doing that with my mom. I am the YOUNGEST lady that is in that group but I don't mind because they are all such neat ladies that I still have a blast.
I also started sewing an Easter Dress for Mattea! The pattern is super cute, so I'm trying to follow the instruction very carefully so I don't mess it up. Every time I've attempted to sew something my mom always ends up finishing it for me. So, I'm bound and determined to do this on my own. It doesn't help that the very first instruction was to do the pleats in the dress and I had not a clue how to do that. Mom helped with that then stepped away so I could do the rest. So far so good. I'll post pictures to the blog so I'm help accountable for this project. Wish me luck folks!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Our little dooder-bug

I was hoping to do this post right after the post about Mattea but we got a little busy.

Micah is 15 months old now. Oh my, how the time has gone. We've loved every minute of it. Micah was in the hospital for his first birthday because he had his skull reconstructed 2 days before. It was hard for us to watch him in so much pain but we know it was for the best.

Our Micah Man is the happiest baby I've every seen. He smiles half a second after waking up and is always happy.

Most of the time you can see this little face...

or this...

Even the morning of his big surgery he was all grins!

The only time we didn't see him smile was for a while after his surgery and he was still in quite a bit of pain.

Micah LOVES his dad...

and his jumperoo!

He's so happy when he gets his "Daddy time"

and lets be honest... Daddy can't get enough of Micah either

They spend quality time watching the "big game" (BYU vs Utah)

Dooder is so soft and gentle with our new puppy Zeek. You can often find Zeek cuddled up next to him.

His new forward facing car seat was an exciting step for him. He's such a good boy in the car now. He loves to watch the world as we drive around town.

Micah enjoys playing with other kids. He and his little sister have tons of fun playing all day long.

Mattea often leaves him in the middle of the messes that she makes. Good thing we know he's a good boy and wouldn't/couldn't possibly leave this much of a mess in his wake.

This guys loves to eat. He's great at feeding himself crackers, goldfish, puffs, or even oreo cookies like below.

He's also "grandma's Micah Man". He loves his time with this sweet lil' old lady!

I love this little boy so much. He's so sweet, tender, and precious as can be. He's a beautiful baby and perfect in every way.

Lastly, we revel in the milestones that Micah reaches because they are so much harder for him to do. We have constant physical therapy, and occupational therapy going on. His newest trick is getting up on his hands and knee's.
The Lord has sent some very choice spirits to our home and left them in our care. I can understand to some small degree the love the Lord has for us because of the love I have for my children. Watching Micah with his trials and his struggles has built an appreciation for the pain the Lord feels as he watches us in our trials. How happy my loving Heavenly Father must feel as he watches us reach new mile stones and learn new things he's been trying to show us.