Friday, November 5, 2010


Halloween.! We had so much fun. I love LOVE LOVE Halloween! If you ever hear me talking about that wonderful holiday my face will often look similar to .....


This was the twins' first Halloween and we had their costumes before they were even released from the hospital. Sterling's mom and littlest sister went to Disney World and found "Thing 1" and "Thing 2" rompers. Immediately I knew that it was their Halloween costume. I would have never thought that my 2 lbs babies would EVER be big enough to fit in these cute outfits but lo and behold... they did.

We didn't do a whole lot. Sterling has two little sisters that work for 1800 contacts and they invited us to go with them to a big Halloween party that their work was throwing on Thursday night. We dressed up the babies and sprayed their hair blue. Sterling even dressed up as Cat in the Hat, (he HATES dressing up) while I made myself Mrs. Cat in the Hat. We had a family picture taken there and I'll post it as soon as we get a copy of it.
Sterling's work decorates the whole 4th floor of his office for kids to trick or treat around to all the desks. He was beyond excited for us to come up for that on Friday. He wanted to show the babies off. Everyone thought they were cute and loved their costumes. Sterling even wore the cat in the hat hat and asked a co worker to draw whiskers on his face for him. (The twins made this Halloween more fun for him I guess)
On Saturday our ward had a Halloween party. However, we didn't go because on Friday Sterling ended up working from apprx 7am on Friday morning to 4am Saturday morning so as soon as the babies woke up we went to my parents house to let him sleep. So, we didn't make it to the Halloween party. I was really bummed too. Oh well. We were going to go to trunk-or-treat but the babies came down with a slight fever right before and it was raining. So, we had to skip it.
I LOVE our new neighborhood. We get SOOOO many trick or treaters and I LOVE it. Those cute lil' kids all dressed up and looking up at me with big round eyes.... aww... I just adore it.

"Thing 1"... my first born! (ummm... yeah! that sprig of hair in the bottom right corner was Mattea attacking me)

"Thing 2" doing what she does best.... making a mess and getting into trouble!

I attempted to do a photo shoot at home. It didn't work out so well.

crib or jungle gym?

Mattea is VERY mobile. She is trying to learn how to walk and has learned when I use her first and middle name and stand up, that means she better crawl as fast as she can. That being said, she has learned all sorts of fun things to do in and with her crib since the first time she fell out. It's not very often that I go to get her up in the morning or after a nap that she is laying or sitting. She is all over the place and I love her dearly but my word... I paid good money for these kids, couldn't they be a little less difficult?

I walked in when she was supposed to be napping and saw the above picture....

...this is what I saw when she recognized me!

This is a typical sight when I open their bedroom door. She had to sleep in Micah's bed for a bit until we Mattea-proofed her bed.

Apparently she doesn't care who's crib it is.... she can still make it fun.

Oh Squirty you make me smile!