Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Hello one and all. It's been a while and I just wanted to take a moment to give everyone an update.

I am enjoying my job. I am realizing that I am very blessed to be employed right now. Discover card is a pretty good company to work for. They seem to take care of their employee's very well. Offering products on all of my calls is a bit challenging but worth it. The incentive on products sells is pretty nice. The insurance pays 90% of fertility treatments which is unheard of. Looks as though we will be going back to the drawing board and trying to get pregnant again. I am dieting and exercising very aggressively to lose at least 50 pounds to increase our chances of getting pregnant with in-vitro. I'm doing pretty well most of the time.

Sterling is still enjoying his job at Goldman-Sachs. Although, he doesn't like having to be up on the UofU campus. If it were on the Y campus he would be in heaven. He only has about one more week left of school for this quarter, and then one last quarter until he is FINISHED. It will be so exciting for him to finally have his bachelors. I am so proud of him. He STILL has maintained 4.0 and is top of his class. HHEELLLLOO Valedictorian!!! One thing we are NOT looking forward to is paying back the Student Loans. Oh well! Like Sterling's dad always says..."You can pay now or pay later. Either way, you're going to pay."

There is one thing that I would like to ask of all you. My baby nephew Nickolas is still very sick. He's in the hospital again and the Dr's can't seem to find out what ailing him now. We would really appreciate as many prayers on his behalf. He really is a sweet little boy. They are all the way in Texas so it's pretty difficult for my family to have him be so sick and so far away. If you would like to see him and get to know more about him you can visit their blog...

We feel that the Lord has really blessed us regardless of all the bad things we think happen to us. We recognize his hand in our life and are greatful for the knowledge we possess about the restoration of the gospel.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Goodbye to a Lovely Lady!

My grandma Beam passed away two days after Christmas. She really was a wonderful lady. Anyone who knew her or came in contact with her loved her. She had a lot of friends and a lot of love. My grandma Beam was my Dad's Mom. She had two sons. My Dad and my Uncle Dale. They are both great men. She raised her boys to be caring and loving just like she was. I miss my grandma alot. The up side to her passing is that she wasn't a member of the church. We've got a lot of family that was up there waiting for her and I'm sure they will be the missionaries we are expecting them to be. We are excited to be able to do her temple work in a year. Even though she wasn't a member while she was alive we still have faith that we can still be with her again.

We had a memorial service for grandma. She was creamated so her body wasn't at the service but we were very blessed to meet all of our family and all of her friends on in Seattle when we went up for the service. This is a picture of my dad at the service. I think my grandma would be proud.

This is my Uncle Dale. He is such a sweet guy. My favorite thing about my Uncle is his hugs. He gives the biggest, most loving, most heartfelt hugs I've ever had in my life.

My Mom and Dad at the service in Seattle. My sister and I were very impressed with the dress my Mom picked out. It was very "Jackie O". She looked great in it.

My Dad and Uncle were so funny when it came to planning the service. They wanted nothing but the best for her service. I was asked to arrange the flowers for the service. This is the "before" picture of the flowers.

This is an "after" picture of the flowers.

Another "after" picture of the flowers.

My grandma was an excellent knitter/crocheter. She made these coats for my older brothers that have a horse and a skier knit into the back. We set up display tables of all the stuff grandma has made for us over the years. Kim put his coat on...(the best he could) and started singing "Fat guy in a little coat." from Tommy Boy. It was hilarious.

The morning after we got to Seattle my Dad was taking us out to breakfast. Kim was on the phone with Leslie, his wife. Leslie always tries to make sure Kim and her boys eat healthy so she told Kim not to get all sorts of bacon, sausage and stuff. Well, as you can see Kim isn't a very good listener. This is a picture of his plate right after he was told not to order such things. This sausage patty would put most quarter pounder hamburgers to shame.

Because my grandma wasn't LDS she had a lot of friends that drank coffee. My Dad and Uncle thought she might like it if we served coffee at the service. So.. they booked the service to be done at a different church down the street from where she lived. They pastor let us use the kitchen along with the coffee machines. At the end of the service before anyone went in to mingle and have refreshments my Uncle warned everyone that the "Mormons" were making that coffee and that we did the best we knew how to do. So... I took a picture of our "Mormon coffee".

Thursday, February 5, 2009

New Years Eve!

I know. It's February and I am posting stuff about New Years. It took me forever to actually upload the pictures from my new camera.
We had a great time on New Years Eve. We went to our friends house (Megan and Russ). Larrissa, James, Christy, and Corey all came too. We had dinner and played games. We started with Disney's Scene It. It was girls against boys. Needless to say there was some animosity at the end of that game. We rang in the new year and started to play a game called Mafia. It was a blast! We played until like 4 AM.
Russ and Megans little boys Landon really liked Sterling that night. He kept climbing up on the couch to chill with him and walking up to him to have him pick him up. It was super cute.

My favorite part of going to Meg and Russ' is Daisy their great dane. She is awesome. One time we took Pedro with us to their house and Daisy was trying to play with him.