Monday, May 14, 2012

What I've learned about a church calling...

Have you ever known a person that throws around their church calling title like he/she is more righteous because they have that calling? Have you ever been in a ward that views the RS presidency or Elders Quorum presidency as "better people" than maybe a primary worker? I'm reminded of that scene in  "The Singles Ward" where the EQ president walks into the guys apartment and introduces himself as "Brother so-n-so, of the EQ president" like you should be so blessed to know him and to have him in your presence.
We've been praying for ways to serve others and the opportunity arose to do just that. Sterling has been called to be 1st counselor in the EQ presidency. He's been in the presidency before but I'm viewing it a little bit differently this time. Maybe it's because we had been praying for ways to serve others that makes this time different, I'm not sure. I feel incredibly humbled this time. Sterling isn't more righteous, isn't a better priesthood holder, or isn't even a better "Mormon" than anyone else. In fact, his calling is to SERVE the Elders, which makes them kind of his "boss". He is only doing the Lord's work. Not his, not mine, not the Bishops not even the Stake Presidents work. THE LORD'S WORK!!! How much more humbled does a person need to be to do that Lord's work. I'm feeling very blessed to assist and sacrifice time with my husband so that he can do the Lord's work.
When I was asked to be 1st counselor in the RS a while ago I remember being ecstatic.  I was stoked. I couldn't wait to start. I didn't know what I was supposed to do or how I was going to do it but I was pumped. It wasn't long after our whole new RS presidency was set apart that we found out the new president and her family were moving out of state. It was a few months away and I was devastated. I loved the time I was in the presidency with those wonderful ladies. I created some great friendship and they were amazing examples of humility. When the new presidency was called it was mostly new people. All but one of us were released and I was pretty sad. Even now, as I write about it I have a bit of sorrow in my heart. We didn't have much time and didn't do big and extravagant things for the ladies in the ward but, I believe and I think that other ladies believe that were called for a purpose and we DID make a difference. We did what the Lord had planned for us to do. I remember when a new presidency was called and one of them stood up to bare her testimony and she said that she knew that the old presidency (us) was in just long enough so she could get something finished. It felt like a knife being shoved in as I heard this. I felt like chopped liver. We weren't there simply as a place holder. We were in that calling as a presidency for a REASON. Maybe that reason was to teach ME. I developed such a love for RS during those three or so months. It is an organization ordained of God and for me to serve my God and my Savior and develop my testimony of RS might be the only reason we were there but it was worth it.
In my mind I've gone back over the opening addresses of Prophet, Apostles, and other General church callings and they speak with such love, and so much humility for what they have called to do. I vow to remember and learn from their humility and to magnify my calling no matter what it might be. I am called by the Lord to do whatever it is I am asked to do.
Why am I putting this soap box testimony on our blog? Honestly I'm not sure but I've felt pretty strongly about it. Besides, I'm pretty sure not many people look at our blog so perhaps it's all just for me to remember and to make it more solid by putting it out there in words.


Logan and Heidi said...

More people look at your blog than you think! :) You have a great perspective. We'll be in Utah for Ace's wedding. Can't wait to see you guys!

Lynnie said...

I'm so glad you posted this. I have wondered too many times why we were in a presidency for only a short time.I wrestled to know if moving was the right thing. I even tried to convince Ned that we shouldn't move and take the NIKE job. I was so ready to make things better, bring sisters back into the fold and make a difference. Yet at the same time I felt so inadequate to do it. But really I think I was the only one that changed, not the ward, not the RS. I have the same feelings as you...that we were called for me. We were going through a hard family situation at the time and know that having that calling lifted me up to get through it. I really miss our presidency as well. This was one of my favorite callings because I truly forgot about myself and did the Lords work, kind of like a mission, and when you do that you draw close to those you work with. I was so completely overwhelmed when I was called. Putting my presidency together was more than overwhelming and I struggled to pick names...except for you. I new almost immediately that you were to be my first counselor but I kept on thinking it was crazy because we were all so young with young families. But I know why the Lord (and I ) needed are an amazing woman of faith, sensitive to the Spirit, so willing to help and eager to work. You are an inspiration to me and so many others. I loved you as my 1st counselor! I only wish it could have been a little bit longer:)

Marci said...

We were there for a reason, thanks for reminding us!