Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Camping 2012

 We had planned to go up to Seattle for a week to spread my Grandmother's ashes in August but it didn't work out with all of the family. So, we decided to do a couple days of camping and a couples days of Stay-cation at home. We borrowed my parents truck and pop up trailer and headed up Big Cottonwood Canyon. It hit me on the way up there that we are so blessed to be 15 min from the canyon that we can just take a little drive and be up in nature. I never realized how awesome that was until one of Micah's therapist who moved here from Texas told me that that is the reason they moved to Utah. So, a 30-40 min drive and we're there! M-boy got sick as we were driving around looking for the perfect spot. Poor guy. While we were setting up the pop-up the kids were playing in the cab of the truck. The window happened to be down and little miss M found herself in a scary position and of course me, being the stellar mother that I am, grabbed the camera before I saved her.
 This year for the 4th and 24th of July we had fun fireworks and so little miss M kept saying, "Daddy making a fireworks" I think she kept waiting for the explosion and shooting lights but it never came. She was thoroughly confused. 
 Do you have any idea how hard it is to get two two year old's to look at the camera and smile...at the same time? This is the best I got. I have no idea what little miss is doing but this really is the best shot.
 Little miss is determined to be a big helper so she was very sure that you always needed her help.
 My M-boy is such a sweetheart. He's almost always up for a cuddle. I just love it.
 We spent some time inside playing games and working on some occupational therapy with Mr M to help him use his right hand. He's getting so much better. We also had a few rodent friends that figured out how to get into the trailer so they had fun seeing them scurry away when we ran after them with a broom.
 S is very tech-y so we had the laptop, and the tablet to watch movies on and play games even though we were camping. One morning after breakfast it was kind of nice for us to all snuggle and watch "A Bee Movie" on the lap top. The kids thought it was fun.
 Whenever the kids are naughty we make them look at us. We used to point at our faces to get them to look. Now, whenever I tell Miss M to look at me, whether she's in trouble or not she points to her chin and turns to look at us. I have a feeling we are going to have a lot of pictures like this...
 Mr M has really gotten into cars lately. He loves to have at least one at all times. A lot of times I find him crawling/scooching around the house with one in each hand and one in his mouth. He has some sensory issues that we're working on so for him to have something in his mouth is not uncommon. Because he doesn't walk on his own he was almost always covered in dirt, rocks, and wood chips. I found that harder for me than I would have thought. I was always trying to watch their hand or dust off their clothes and it was an endless battle that I found I couldn't win.
 Just a few camp grounds away was a little creek. It was beautiful and VERY COLD. The twins enjoyed throwing rock into the water and climbing over rocks and trees.
 This is a miracle to have such a cute picture of her especially with her looking normal and smiling. Ever since she was a baby whenever someone would pull out a camera she would refuse to smile.
 Mr M is always happy and doesn't care who knows it. He's gotten very inquisitive and very sneaky. It took a little bit for me to catch on and stop blaming Little Miss for everything. Poor girl!
 We figured it would be a little difficult for Mr M to use his reverse walker while camping but we wanted him to do lots of walking and taking good steps. He walks well while holding a hand and gets very excited. Little Miss is as sweet as can be. She'll run ahead, turn around and say to her brother "walk to me, walk to me" to encourage him. She sure is a blessing in our house. I'm so glad that they are both here.
 Mr M! What is it about toddlers, especially boys, that they have to find a way to COVER themselves with dirt. Diaper changes were always a surprise while we were camping.
 We're training them young how to drive Papa's truck!
All in all it was a fun trip and looking back at the pictures I'm glad we did it. One thing I learned is that I liked camping a lot more when I was a kid. Camping was a lot more fun when I was little and didn't have to be the one packing, and cleaning, and cooking,  I guess I owe my parents a big thanks for all the times they did that for us kids. The memories I have are wonderful and now I get to help create those memories for my kids no matter how much work it is.

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